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Maya Sakashiro x Male Reader {One-shot}
MSxM {O-s} -C-
Days have passed since the fight between Maya and Nozomi occurred. She used to have a crush on Nozomi's boyfriend at first, but to her dismay he told Maya he had a girlfriend. Which made her furious over her opponent. During most of the battle, her split personality Kaya took over. Even if she was the number one player of Suruga, it still wasn't enough to defeat Nozomi. In the end, Maya got knocked off the land and lost. Being knocked out-cold, she was lucky that one of Suruga's medical engineers caught her just before she sunk under the water.
Upon being woken up by her adoptive mother, she remembered what she had lost. The feeling of being in love. After her mother left, Maya had a visitor. It was the same medical engineer who caught her when she fell off, his name was (Y/n) (L/n). Little did she knew that the main reason he visited was to tell her how he really felt about her. The shyness he always had caused him to walk away before she could even respond. It w
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Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader {ExTrA 3 Final}
NK [ExTrA]/U→3F
It had been days since the arrival of Setouchi's students. During their stay, Nozomi was able to recover from her injured leg. Allowing her to properly walk, run, and race in Keijo.
Nozomi was in her apartments bathroom, brushing her long and silky hair. With one final touch, she grabs her hair, pulling it up from behind, and takes out a white ribbon, now tying it up in a pony tail. There goes her signature ribbon, causing her to get nicknamed as Ribbon Girl. While she was preparing herself with her clothes, (Y/n) did so as well by combing his hair and putting on his Keijo engineer uniform. When finished, the two would look at each other and nod if they were all ready.
"Ready?" (Y/n) asked.
"Ready!" Nozomi returned.
The couple approached the door, it wasn't long until they decided to hold each other's warm hands. As always, the two blushed when in contact. What they didn't expect from the fight was the third match.
Two out of three ma
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Sayaka Miyata x Male reader One-shot
SMxM {O-s} -VDv-
During Valentine's Day when it took place over the weekend, Sayaka managed to book a trip to Kyoto. The place where she met the love of her life, (Y/n). He was in the cafe, waiting for his lovely, quiet, white-haired lover. Feeling nervous which made his foot tap, repeatedly on the ground, even though it wasn't the first time they went on a date. Sayaka would always describe him as the nervous type. One of the traits that she found cute of him, just like how she always was with normal guys at school.
She opened the door of the cafe, causing the bell on top of the door to ring.
"Welcome!" A lady behind the cash register said while giving her a happy smile.
Sayaka returned the smile, moving forward to the lady to check if her boyfriend made the reservation for (Y/n) and herself.
"I'm here to see someone." Sayaka informed the lady.
"Reservation? Sure, what's his first and last name?" She asked.
"(Y/n) (L/n)." Sayaka said.
The lady checks through the list and faces
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(Keijo) Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader {ExTrA 2}
NK [ExTrA]/U→2
Things weren't looking good for Nozomi and the blonde girl from Suruga. It wasn't long until they had a fight. Even though there would be consequences in the end, they still couldn't resist.
"I must admit, that was one heck of a hit you gave me right there! You got me without expecting it!" Nozomi said.
"Thank you very much, I must also give props to your powerful hit that you gave me to the shoulder as well. So strong that it managed to rip part of my shirt, exposing my bare shoulder. However, I wouldn't mind showing a bit of skin though. As long as my coach doesn't get hurt, then we're fine. I'll warn you again, please leave our field, you're trespassing." Said the blonde.
"Like I'll do that! Even after talking smack at our teachers! They're great people, they deserve the same amount of respect as you all have!" Nozomi retorted.
In the background, Kazane's eyes widen when she focused on the blonde's facial appearance.
Wait a minute, that ribbon! I recognize that
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(Keijo) Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader {ExTrA} 1
NK [ExTrA]/U→1
"I'm sorry Nozomi, but I'm afraid that I can't accept your confession."
"(Y/n)...but why?" Nozomi was now tearing up.
"Do you really expect me to accept the offer, especially after what you did to me that day? You're wrong, Nozomi. You had your chance, but you blew it. Remember what I said, I lost all of my feelings towards you when I left. Now, I have moved on."
"(Y/n) I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" Tears started dripping down her face.
"Now you know how I felt when you rejected me that day. I was so naïve, thinking that I would easily catch someone's heart from a girl like you." You turned around and told Nozomi your last words her.
"I don't think that we should see each other anymore. Good bye Nozomi."
"No, (Y/n), don't leave me!" Nozomi said.
You ignored every word said by her from behind, the words she said were nothing but meaningless to you now. Every step you took, felt like a giant step across you. Just as you thought that she was out of your area, fo
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(Osaka) Ayumu Kasuga x Male reader (Finale)
It wasn't long until she came out of her house. You waited and waited for her arrival, until she finally did. Osaka came out of the door and sent her farewells to her family. She gave a hug to her mother, who strangely looked a bit like Osaka. Except for the way the fact that her mother had a pony tail.
"Ayumu!" You said.
You left the room and ran downstairs to go outside the door.
"Bye mom!" You said.
"Goodbye, call me if anything bad happens!" She said.
"I will!" You said before you went out the door and ran outside of your property.
Osaka was across the street looking at the bird perched on the branch of her tree. She was staring at it without even blinking, she was giggling while doing so.
"Huh?" She snapped out of her little world.
"(Y/n)!" She said happily.
"Ready, do you want to go now?" You asked.
"Absolutely! Let's get right on it!" She said.
On the way to the ice cream shop, you stumbled towards someone in the alleyway. There was a girl that was way taller than you w
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Kazane Aoba x Male reader One-shot
It was 4:30 in the afternoon, a man named (Y/n) (L/n) would drop his wife off. That wife was named Kazane Aoba, one of the best and strategic Keijo players of Japan up to date. Kazane wasn't only well known for that, but she possesses the ability to determine her opponent's weakness with her Scanning Hand ability. The Keijo race starts at 5pm, so thirty minutes still remain. In the meantime, she would train with her friends from college before the race starts. Shortly after getting dropped off at the stadium, she talks to her husband before she leaves.
"You nervous?" (Y/n) asked.
"A little." Kazane responded.
"Don't be, I know you can win this one. You're the best Keijo player I've ever seen!" He said.
Kazane looks at the stadium, thinking of what the outcome would be. But without expecting that it would happen, her husband call her name from behind.
She turns to his direction, and is met with an unexpected kiss to her lips. Her face blushes pink, and her pony tail stands up
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(Keijo) Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader (Finale)
A whole hour had passed since the event. The announcements for who would be promoted had been listed on the bulletin board. Every Keijo player now had their own rank. There are ranks C all the way to the elite rank. Very few have been selected for the elite ranks. After the event had ended, there was an after party. Both the ones that lost or won were invited, it didn't make a difference. All of the people that were knocked out in the race had woken up, except for one. That girl was Nozomi Kaminashi. She had been asleep for half an hour already, the last one who would be expected to wake up. Since her roommates were close to her, they would usually stay with her in case if she were okay. However, someone suggested that he would be responsible for her, which was you. Sayaka wasn't sure of the choice. Since you were a boy, she thought that you would probably perform suspicious activity during her sleep. After convincing her to agree, she accepted. Allowing you to take responsibility for
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(Keijo) Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader (Ch.3)
On the official first day at the new school, teachers and students introduced themselves to the class, including yourself. The system of the school worked differently between the Keijo players and Keijo engineers. Engineers have four classes in total. Each class which were geometry, math, human health and science. The last class for you was somehow related to an arts and crafts class because it was all about equipment and race designing. The part that you love the most was that every month, every engineer in the room is required to come up with an idea of a new land type. Only ones idea can win for the month. Another requirement for each engineer was that each has to be able to swim. Some of the lands can be quite easy to place in the stadium's huge pool, for example the seesaw land. However, people think that placing the seesaw land is all that you have to do. But in reality, it isn't. There's equipment to keep the land stable. Same as every other type of land that exists for Keijo. T
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Sakaki x Neko! Male Reader
It was a fairly sunny day in Tokyo of Japan. It wasn't too hot or too cold, just right. It's a perfect time for anyone to spend their time outside. Either at the park, the pool, a walk, or a game of sports. Sakaki was still at her freshman year, only three months into the school. Already getting used to her new classmates and her new school. Although nothing changed from her personality, even though she started changing physical from her height and bust, she still remained to stay as the quiet and shy girl she always was.
Today, she began to walk home from her long day at high school. Things never change do they, but she had to admit, things were getting boring at school. The things she always would look forward to were what stories her friends Chiyo, Yomi, Osaka (Ayumu), and Tomo would tell. She didn't have to worry about her academic grades, Sakaki was always good when it came tests and grades. Another thing to mention was when it came to sports, she would always excel in it, which m
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(Keijo) Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader (Ch.2)
On that day, I learned something new. No matter how hard you try to run away from your past, it's still going to catch up to you. You thought.
"Why are you here." You asked.
"That's my line! Why are you here?" Nozomi asked.
"To be a Keijo engineer of course! Didn't you say you were going to be an Olympic gymnast?" You asked.
"I was...but...I gave that up." She said.
"Why, several colleges wanted you to attend. Not to mention that they were the better colleges in Japan!"
"Because, I wanted to be a Keijo player. I fell in love in Keijo when I knew how exciting it was. It was said that if you were the best player, you could be a prize queen!" She said.
"So you're doing it for the money aren't you?" You asked.
"Not just that! I wanted to be a Keijo player so I could take my family out of poverty."
Oh that's right, I forgot about that. After her mother passed away when she was just a little girl, her family went in poverty. You thought.
"Right, sorry about making you remember." You apologiz
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(Keijo) Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader (Ch.1)
Ever since your days in high school, you've been interested in a women's only sort called Keijo. A sport where women would try to knock off the other Keijo players using their breasts or buttocks off of a platform called a "Land". There are many types of land that can be made of different kinds entities. Some can be made just by pure rope, like the net type. Others included are the mountain land, the road land, the fountain land, mud land, pole land, the jungle gym, the flight land, fountain land, the seesaw land, and lastly the basic land. Even though, it was a women's only sport, men were still able to try out. Unfortunately, they would always fail, due to the lack of balance they have than women.
If they were really interested in the sport, there is one way where you can be kind of involved in it. You can work as a Keijo engineer. Keijo engineers have the position of where they are in charge of developing and delivering the equipment. But, the main focus of being a Keijo engineer we
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Kawai Hanabi x Male reader (Finale)
All was quiet, not a single person in the train talked. The only sound that can be heard were the wheels of the train rolling their way to the next stop. It never took a long time to get there from the Hyogo prefecture. This time, it felt like an eternity to get there. It was awkward at the time, usually you would talk to Kawai easily. But for now, you didn't have the energy to even talk to her. Though, it was your first date, it would have to be expected.
"Yes?" She said.
"Are you excited?" You asked.
"Sort of." She said.
"How come, you nervous or something?" You asked.
"'s been a while since I sang." She said.
"Sang? You used to sing some karaoke before?"
"That's right, I used to. I'm not sure how I'll do when I actually sing again. It'll probably be horrible." She said.
"Don't say that, I'm sure your beautiful voice won't change. Maybe it'll be even better than before!" You commented.
"Aw, you think so?" She blushed by your sudden compliment.
"I'm sure of it! Bu
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Mio Kusakai x Female Reader
For the past two years in the Keijo academy, you had fallen in love with someone. But this love was different, it was someone who had the same gender as you, as a female. It was never expected for this to happen to you, but it would be expected anyways since you were in an all girls school. The only requirement of being a Keijo player was to be female. No males were allowed, unless if they were Keijo engineers. The engineers that design the land and equipment for the Keijo players.
Now putting that aside, the girl that caught your heart was the one and only blonde, Mio Kusakai. The way she stole your heart were by her looks alone. Her long, beautiful, blonde hair, her blue and sparkly eyes and her body curves. Part of her traits that you liked too were her surprisingly big bust size. Not to mention her banned hypnosis ability, although you were impressed by her capacity of possesing the ability. Sometimes you would look and immediately turn away in embarrassment, hoping to not get caug
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Kawai Hanabi x Male reader (pt.4)
Monday, the day when everyone goes back to work or go back to school. Unfortunately the weekend ended so quickly. Most people would be disappointed. But out of all the people, you were looking forward for Monday ever since yesterday. When you woke up this morning in your bed from your apartment, the memory of the confession came into mind. Even though you met Kawai about two days ago, you still fell in love with her ever since that talk at the Sports'in'Buy. What made the situation even happier was that she felt the same way. But there was one thing, why would she fall in love with you? Since the date was planned to be today after classes were finished for the day, you would ask her just that. That date would almost be like a way to hang out with someone, especially when the date takes place at a karaoke rental building.
When it comes to dates, first you would have to take it easy. Just like baby steps, first you would start with something simple like something affordable. As the relat
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Kawai Hanabi x Male reader (pt.3)
When the girls came out of the building, they took the train on the way to the mall. Luckily, there weren't many people on the train. So the three took a seat instead of standing up holding on to the pole. Upon arriving at the mall, Mio was the first to suggest on what store they would visit first.
"The clothing store we go!" Mio exclaimed with her fist pumped up in the air.
"Already? Can't we go to the arcade games first?" Rin asked.
"Not yet darling, clothes comes first. Then the fun starts at the end!" Mio said.
"That's right Rin, don't you want the boys to check you out?" Kawai asked.
"What would a guy see in me?" Rin asked.
"I don't know, maybe the way that swimsuit covers your fit and hot body." Mio teased.
"Don't say that out loud Mio!" Rin said.
"Oh right, my bad!" Said Mio.
"Besides, if you want boys to notice you, maybe you can find that kind of boyfriend that you're looking for!" Kawai said.
"Easy for you to say, I bet it'll be impossible to find my type of guy." Rin said.
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NTxM {O-s}
MSxM {O-s} -C-

Days have passed since the fight between Maya and Nozomi occurred. She used to have a crush on Nozomi's boyfriend at first, but to her dismay he told Maya he had a girlfriend. Which made her furious over her opponent. During most of the battle, her split personality Kaya took over. Even if she was the number one player of Suruga, it still wasn't enough to defeat Nozomi. In the end, Maya got knocked off the land and lost. Being knocked out-cold, she was lucky that one of Suruga's medical engineers caught her just before she sunk under the water.

Upon being woken up by her adoptive mother, she remembered what she had lost. The feeling of being in love. After her mother left, Maya had a visitor. It was the same medical engineer who caught her when she fell off, his name was (Y/n) (L/n). Little did she knew that the main reason he visited was to tell her how he really felt about her. The shyness he always had caused him to walk away before she could even respond. It was dawn by the time she was able to walk back to her dorm with her roommates. Upon returning, she was greeted once again, she took a relaxing shower, dried her self up, put on her pajamas, and then finally went to bed.

She could barely fall asleep. Like any girl would do after they were confessed to, they would constantly think about the outcomes of both answers. If it was a yes, she would finally be able to feel loved again, this time with the love of a boy her age. For the other way if she answered no, it could be that he would be heartbroken from her rejection. Not only that, but if he were an extremely sensitive boy, it might be possible that he could take away his own life. All because of the rejection, she would never forgive herself. It left her no choice, she wanted to be loved other than her adoptive mother.

It's decided, I'll accept his confession! She said in her mind, before falling to her slumber minutes later.

Next day→

The following day became an awkward one for both (Y/n) and Maya. The two would often find each other at certain locations. For example, by the restrooms and passing periods. Maya wanted to talk to the boy, but she never had the courage to do so. When it comes to Maya specifically, it's something normal of her.

Flashback... ↓

During her younger days, she barely even had a childhood. As a child, she lived at an orphanage with other kids. Nothing was known about her own parents, not even the owners of the orphanage knew. There was one story of how she arrived there.

One of the owners took a late night walk around the park, next to the orphanage. She decided that it would be best if she brought more food for the orphans. Later that night, she had an unexpected visitor by the entrance of the orphanage.

"What this?" she said, approaching the blanket covered object in front of the door, then lifting up the blanket. Only revealing a sleeping blonde baby in her pajamas. "Fast asleep. Where are the parents?" She said.

It was then when the owner found a note beside the child's head. She unfolds the piece of paper and reads it out.

This is Maya.

Please, take care of the child!

We will not be returning.

"Those idiots!" She said in a low tone from prevent the child to wake. "How could they do this to their own child, abandoning this beautiful young girl."

The owner quickly takes the child inside to show the other owners of her discovery. Just like how she reacted, they were surprised at the sight. It was the first time that the orphanage ever had a child left at their property with no sight of the parents. The owner who found her praised the child so much for her beauty, that she swore to give the child the best care. There was something of Maya that convinced her that she would have a great future. For now, it would be tough, but in the end it'll be worth it. Around the age of ten, she wasn't able to talk to the kids at the orphanage. She was shunned because of her habit of breaking things by accident.

"Ha Ha! What a dumb kid!"

"Yeah! She always breaks everything!"

"Keep all your toys away from her, she might break them!" Comments from the kids in the orphanage would say.

"No I won't!" The young Maya would say.

"Don't get near her! She might break your bones!" The orphans would run away from Maya. It always breaks her heart whenever the kids ran from her, she thought of herself as a monster for the orphans around her. Being unapproachable, she would sit in the corner of the room and cover her face to prevent the caretakers from knowing she was crying.

Maya was never able to make any friends, she would always sit by herself at parts of the play area in the orphanage, and sit by herself when it came to lunch time.

She thought that she would never have the love of a mother figure again. Until one day, a Keijo prize queen, named Ayako Sakashiro, came to visit the orphanage. Upon arriving at the property, she donated new beds to the orphans. Maya was one of the lucky ones to receive it. But thanks to her habit, she broke the bed when she jumped on it. This caught the attention from the prize queen, she asked Maya to break the other bed she had donated. The young Maya being confused, did as she was commanded, the next blow broke the bed. She managed to break it effortlessly, which proved Maya to be a strong girl. Due to the strength, she was adopted right after. She adapted the last name of Sakashiro, now being Maya Sakashiro. From there on, Ayako decided to teach her adopted daughter the way to become one of the most powerful Keijo players in existence!

Flashback ends...↑

The next time Maya and (Y/n) encountered each other again was during lunch time for the engineers and Keijo players. Most would either sit by their friends while eating their food, or they would either eat and do their own thing until the bell rings. Maya had friends, but she would prefer to spend her time alone for some piece and quiet. Even if she had friends, she doesn't pay much attention to them anyways, as she would wonder off to her own little world. Today was one of those days where she would finish her lunch, and rest by the tree outside the cafeteria. It used to be the area where people would eat their lunch around, but for some odd reason there weren't as much people as it used to be. For now, it was just her, resting under the shade from the tree above her, protecting her pale skin from tanning by the hot sun. Luckiy, there were small winds breezing against skin, keeping the body temperature from heating up more than it should be.

All she wanted to do now, was lie down and take a quick nap under the shade, to forget all that happened recently and get rid of all the stress that was stored inside of her chest. When she closed her eyes, she had trouble falling asleep. She would usually fall asleep instantly, but there was something bothering her. It was something related to the engineer from yesterday. The one who called her cute. She couldn't stop thinking of that guy throughout the whole day!

"Why does this always happen to me? Out of all the people, why me? The minute I fall in love with someone, it always ends badly. I want to talk to him again, even a small talk is more than enough for me. Maybe if I had the courage, I could tell him how I feel him." She said, thinking that there was no one around her area.

The wind gave a powerful blow, causing her hair to sway from side to side. Out of no where, someone appeared behind the tree.

"Maya." The voice from behind blurted out, which quickly surprised Maya.

She turns around to have a glance of the persons face, which appeared to be the same boy from yesterday, (Y/n) (L/n).

"(Y/n)!" She yelled out.

"Maya...I know now." (Y/n) said.

"Know of what?" Maya questioned (Y/n).

"The happiness, you've never experienced during your childhood, Maya." He said.

"My childhood, who told you?"

"I asked your mother."

Her heart almost stopped when she heard those words. She never wanted anyone to find out that she used to be shunned by so many people because of her habit to easily break objects around her without intending to. Especially how she broke the bed the first day it got donated to the orphanage.

Maya expected him to laugh at her, she received something else instead. (Y/n) instantly charged towards her to give Maya one of the warmest hugs she had ever gotten in her entire life.

"I'm so sorry that you had to get through all of that Maya!" He said.

Maya couldn't believe what was happening, this hug was almost identical to the ones her adoptive mother would give. This was the warmest she had felt, it made her heart beat faster by the second.

"I know that we barely know anything about each other, but I guarantee that I'll make you happiest person in the entire world. Even if you did have the habit of breaking stuff and having the split personality, it won't change the way I think of you! I loved you Maya, ever since the day I first saw you race on the land! So please, let me become yours Maya!" (Y/n) said.

Tears of joy dripped down her cheeks as a smile formed on her face.

"I...accept." She sobbed, now hugging him tighter as she pressed her face against his engineer uniform. When both had parted, they couldn't resist but give each other their first kiss, which would last for a long while as they embraced one another. They found love, especially for Maya. Now being the happiest she's ever been.

Maya's adoptive mother, Ayako Sakashiro, can been seen from a distance. Watching as her adoptive daughter is receiving her first kiss.

"At last Maya, you finally found happiness. Take care of her from now on, (Y/n). The two of you will have a great future!" Said Ayako, before she left the premise, now leaving the two alone for real.
Maya Sakashiro x Male Reader {One-shot}
I do not own Keijo in any way!
This is connected to the Nozomi x Male reader story.

MSxM {O-s}
Next project:

MSxM  {O-s} -C-
NK [ExTrA]/U→3F

It had been days since the arrival of Setouchi's students. During their stay, Nozomi was able to recover from her injured leg. Allowing her to properly walk, run, and race in Keijo.

Nozomi was in her apartments bathroom, brushing her long and silky hair. With one final touch, she grabs her hair, pulling it up from behind, and takes out a white ribbon, now tying it up in a pony tail. There goes her signature ribbon, causing her to get nicknamed as Ribbon Girl. While she was preparing herself with her clothes, (Y/n) did so as well by combing his hair and putting on his Keijo engineer uniform. When finished, the two would look at each other and nod if they were all ready.

"Ready?" (Y/n) asked.

"Ready!" Nozomi returned.

The couple approached the door, it wasn't long until they decided to hold each other's warm hands. As always, the two blushed when in contact. What they didn't expect from the fight was the third match.


Two out of three matches were already finished. The first one was won by Setouchi, sadly the second was won by Suruga. Both schools now depended on their third win. It's either win it, or lose it all.

(Y/n) was doing his job as the Keijo engineer swimming around the Japanese castle type land. Eventually if he was not in the actual battle, he felt all the pressure that maintained inside of Saya, Hanabi, Rin, and Nozomi. A few minutes back, only two of Suruga's players were left standing while five of Setouchi's were still on the land. Right on the brink of knocking Maya off the land, she cried out at the last hit Nozomi gave to her before a huge shockwave occurred that hit Nozomi flying back to the other side of the land. Luckily, Rin caught her with her breasts, thanks to her speed.

"How's your body?" Rin asked.

She examined Nozomi's body, it was until she noticed that she had a huge bruise on her right part of the waist. Bleeding internally, the bruise was that bad that it was slowly turning to a deep shade of purple.

"Damn, this isn't good! Can you move?" Rin asked.

"I could still move, but not as much as before." Nozomi said, trying to bare the pain.

Don't tell me she's that badly injured! (Y/n) thought.

"Guys look!" Nozomi pointed to the front of her.

Everyone including (Y/n) from the bottom looked at where she was pointing at. Nozomi and (Y/n) knew that the sight they foresaw wasn't good news. Maya had now disappeared, all there was left was Kaya Sakashiro.

"I heard...that you made Maya cry. Didn't you?" Kaya said in her sadistic tone.

"Crap! It's her again!" Rin said.

"This isn't good. Everyone, we have to protect Nozomi at all costs! Saya, try your best to keep Kaya out of the way!" Hanabi commanded.

"As you wish!" Saya replied before lunging into Kaya with her butt.

Even with all of her speed, Kaya managed to dodge the attack very easily. Letting her have the advantage to have her chance for attacking. Unfortunately, Saya was lucky enough to dodge as well. She swiftly turns to Kaya's direction and jumps back. To her surprise, Kaya lunged towards Saya, attempting to hit Saya with her breasts. Thanks to Saya's mother who taught her Iaido lessons, Saya was able to dodge the attack and use her signature move, the Quick-Draw Breast Sword to Kaya's face. Normally it would knock the opponent out, with Kaya's case however, it was nothing to her. It only jerked her head back, no damage was made to her face.

"Judging from the head band you have there, I thought you would be a tougher opponent! Turns out you were a joke all along!" Said Kaya, who was now performing a quick turn to hit Saya multiple times.

It wasn't everyday that actual blood stained the land. Leaving many bruises throughout her whole body, screams and blood escaped from Saya's mouth as Kaya struck a powerful one to her stomach. Soon ending the pain with Kaya striking the top of her head, leaving her out-cold, collapsed to the surface of the land. Saya Kogatana was now out.

"Saya!" Yelled Nozomi

"Looks like she's down for good, that was annoying!" Kaya said with an evil smile.

"Rin, now!" Hanabi said.

"Roger that!" Rin replied before she ran towards Kaya.

Rin began by running around Kaya with all her speed to distract her. Kaya was not amused, so she used quick attack to the direction where Rin was running. Her rear was inches away from Rin's face when she stopped. Kaya proceeded to attack the girl, but was too slow due to Rin's incredible speed. The silver haired girl got even more annoyed because she didn't hit Rin at least once.

"Stay still you hag!" Kaya said, before she got hit by Rin in the stomach.

It was powerful enough to push Kaya back. There something fishy however, Rin immediately saw a smile on Kaya's face right when she was in mid air. Her breasts separated from each other, leaving a gap between. A gap big enough to rest a leg on.

"Got you!" Kaya said.

She ran behind Rin, swung her butt towards her legs to make her fall, and snatched her by the hips. Kaya held Rin between her breasts.

"I think it's time." Hanabi said.

"What's time." Nozomi asked.

"The final resort!" She said.

Hanabi took off the bikini, revealing her bare chest.

"Gah! What are you doing!" Nozomi asked.

Hanabi started caressing her own soft and pale breasts. Moans of pleasure came out of her mouth as her finger tips slowly massaged her nipples until they were erect.

"I'll lend you the majority of my stamina to you Nozomi."

"How so?" Nozomi asked.

"When I press my bare chest on your back, it'll transport my stamina to you." Hanabi stopped massaging her chest and took hold of them.

"What about you?" Nozomi asked.

"Turn around!" Hanabi commanded.


"This will sting! So prepare yourself!"

The second Hanabi's rigid nipples made skin contact to Nozomi's back, a huge bright light shined around them. Nozomi screamed of the pain she had received when the stamina transferred to hers. This was a very powerful technique, that the light around blinded the crowd and the players for a brief second, including Kaya.

Kaya throws Rin out of the land when the light blinded. Rin was now out.

"Argh, what's that light?" Kaya complained.

She looked towards the direction where the light had first lit up. To her surprise, she finds Nozomi on her two feet once again. Hanabi was behind the her as well, unfortunately she was struggling on trying to stand up. Due to the lack of energy and stamina she had.

"I'll...leave...the" Hanabi said before collapsing.

Hanabi was now out of the race, last woman standing from Setouchi was Nozomi Kaminashi.

"I won't let Setouchi down. I'll make sure we'll change history." Nozomi said.

From the water, her boyfriend stood there watching as he noticed the sudden change to her appearance.

"Why does she...look different?" (Y/n) said.

He observes the changes, the white ribbon she always had on her hair was now placed around her neck with both ends facing to her front. Her long, smooth dark blue hair fell down, resting down on her back. The one feature that stood out the most was her bright glowing blue eyes that lit up through her bangs covering her eyes.

"What is that?" Kaya said in an almost terrified manner.

From inside the guests locker room for Keijo players, Non, Kazane, Sayaka and the others were watching the match, all surprised for the fallen players. Just as things were looking bad, they found a dim light, a little bit of hope was found when Nozomi walked towards Kaya. Who was now looking angry.

"What are you?" Asked Kaya.

Nozomi simply ignored the girl and ran for her. Kaya took notice of her action and prepared herself for what was coming. She panicked and tried swinging her butt towards Nozomi, which was dodged easily with Nozomi's fully restored strength and stamina. Out of nowhere, Nozomi performed the butt flash move on Kaya's waist. Powerful enough to move Kaya to the side.

How did I not see that! No matter, at least I don't have to hold back now! Kaya thought.

"You won't come out in one piece, brat! I'll leave you into scratches and bruises like last time!" Kaya said.

At that point, Nozomi immediately pressed her breasts against Kaya's. Attempting to restrain her.

"Thanks, but no thanks! Knocking you off this land is my goal as of now. This is my turf!" Nozomi said.

"Oh no you don't!"

Kaya backs off, turns around and uses her special Qigong technique. The bright glow of her move rapidly hovered towards Nozomi, which soon became a failure as it completely ignored her presence.

"No way!" Kaya said.

Nozomi jumps up high then swiftly moves around in mid-air.

"Vacuum...Butt Cannon!" Nozomi yelled who aimed her attack to Kaya.

The Vacuum Butt Cannon successfully hits Kaya, causing her to slide back. Slowly, Kaya's silver hair started fading away. The end result, Maya was now taking over.

"What happened? Oh right, I'm fighting Nozomi now! The one who stole my happiness!" Maya charged at Nozomi with all her might.

The two rivals had a great fight, all that had to be done was to either make this year the eleventh win for Suruga, or make sure Setouchi wins for a change. Maya was damaged quite a bit, bruises, cuts, few stains of blood stained the land and their bikini. Maya still had great power however, considering that she actually made Nozomi's mouth drip a bit of blood. Both of their bikinis were ripped, mostly Nozomi's, her left side of the lace of the bikini broke off, revealing her left bosom covered by her hair. This never made (Y/n) in the background calm at all, mostly for the blood drips.

At this rate, either one of them would have a death! Please don't die you two, don't end up killing each other. Both of you have families and loved ones! He thought.

"The blonde one seems to be close to her end! Everyone surround her, just in case she falls!" (Y/n)'s leader of the medical engineer group said.

It was then when Maya started getting running out of stamina and energy, she was now at the brink of collapsing.

I'm sorry, mother. I think...I'm going end up by myself again. Just like old times, the times when I would be the only kid leaning by the wall where everyone passing by laughs and shuns at me. I can't believe it, I'm going to lose everything again! When I found (Y/n) that day, it was the first time I felt true happiness. Like someone of my opposite sex actually thinks I was cute. Not a single boy has said that to me. I'm better off alone then, if that's what life wants me to be. I give up on my feelings. Maya thought to herself, who then fell to the ground.

Maya Sakashiro was out. The crowd went wild, Setouchi has officially won against Suruga for the first time. Setouchi's students went out of the locker room to applaud for Setouchi's last standing woman. Nozomi decided to finally sit down on the land, she cleans off the blood off her mouth, her glowing eyes finally transition back to normal, her white ribbon was still placed around her neck while her hair was let down, and look at the sky. Meanwhile, two medical engineers climbed up to the land and picked up Hanabi and Maya, while the rest including (Y/n) went out the pool to dry themselves and retrieve the medical kit to aid the injured. The engineers who were already outside the pool before the medical ones dove in to attach a chain to the metal handle of the land so the machine could drag the land back to the edge of the pool. When the land finally made contact with the concrete, Nozomi finally stepped off who is then later met with her friends and fellow elite members. Without expecting it, Nozomi was raised up by Setouchi's students high up in he air.

When they finally decided to let her go, Nozomi instantly thought off her boyfriend, who was twenty feet away from her. He was out of his scuba suit, he had the sports jacket applied on given by the engineers, and had on swimming trunks. At the time, (Y/n) wasn't looking her way, he was instead busy taking out the medical kit. She ran all the way where he was located.

"(Y/n)!" Nozomi yelled from ten feet behind him.

He turns around and finds Nozomi half naked with her left bosom exposed. (Y/n) blushed at the sight as this was the first time he has seen a girl's bare chest, specifically his girlfriend!

"Nozomi!" He said.

She jumped to his arms, he caught her just in time for a hug.

"Did you see me back there?" Asked Nozomi.

"I have indeed, you were amazing." He returned, causing her to blush.

He pushed her away from the hug rather fast. (Y/n) took off his jacket and handed it to Nozomi.

"Here, I don't want people having their eye on you when you walk around like that." He said, looking away to avoid sight of her exposed breast.

"Ah, sorry about that!" She blushed.

She puts on the jacket, turns her boyfriend's face towards her, and stands on her tip toes to give him a passionate kiss. When they departed, she said the words from her heart.

"I love you so much (Y/n)." She said, hugging him.

"Same here, but first let's get you patched up. After that you should take a nice, warm bath, and then get some rest. You must be tired after the race." He suggested.

"Sure, but after those. I want you to meet someone first. It's someone who wanted to see you again for a long time." Nozomi said.

"Really now? Can't wait to meet him!" (Y/n) said.

After patching Nozomi up, she finished taking a bath with the other Keijo players who were left standing while the ones knocked to sleep were resting in the nursing office. When she finally showed up to (Y/n), she led him inside the stadium's food court. To his surprise, he found someone familiar.

"(Y/n), I would like you to meet Taichi Omotenishi. I'm sure you've met him before." Nozomi smiled.

(Y/n)'s eyes widen as soon as he heard the name. He knew exactly who this was when Taichi turned around to face him.

"Taichi." He simply said.

"(Y/n)." Taichi said.

They both approached each other and gave a friendly hug. Both of them patted on each other's backs as they kept hugging. From release, Taichi asked a question that not even (Y/n) knew the answer of.

"Where have you been!" Taichi asked.

(Y/n) stood there in silence, unable to answer the reason why he really left.

"In my brain, I don't really know." (Y/n) said.

"But with my heart, I know exactly why. It was because Nozomi rejected me that day. I felt that I wasn't relevant any more. So that's why I left as a selfish person. Leaving because of the improbability of my own desires. I'm sorry that I hurt the two of you that day." (Y/n) stood back and bowed down.

"Please forgive me!" He added.

Nozomi and Taichi looked at each other and nodded.

"We forgive you." Said both Nozomi and Taichi.

However, after hearing the reason why (Y/n) really left, Nozomi couldn't help but apologize as well. She bowed down to (Y/n), which surprised him and Taichi.

"I'm sorry as well!"

"But what for?" (Y/n) asked.

"For rejecting you that day! I never knew that it would hurt you that much that it would make you hate me as a person! That day, in truth, I felt the same way about you! But because you were moving out the next few days, it would be a hard relationship if I accepted. A long distance relation ship would make things complicated between you and I! Which is why, I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" Nozomi started tearing up during the whole explanation.

Suddenly, Nozomi felt a hand on her cheek. The scent of it was all too familiar, it belonged to (Y/n) himself. He lifted up her face and gave a her a kiss on her lips. It calmed down her emotions, she wasn't sobbing anymore. For the first time in her life, it was when she felt truly needed. No matter the situation, she'll always be loved by (Y/n).

"I forgive you." He said, wiping off the tears from her face.

Nozomi smiled, while Taichi chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Nozomi asked.

"Oh nothing. It's funny, I always knew the two of you were perfect for each other. You'll have a great family." Taichi said, causing (Y/n) and Nozomi to blush of having the thought of having a family of their own.

"Thanks." (Y/n) said.

"Well enough of that! We should celebrate over Nozomi's win over some food, my treat!" Taichi laid his hands behind his neck.

"Fine with you, (Y/n)?" Taichi asked.

"Yeah, for old times sake." (Y/n) said as he wrapped one arm around Nozomi, taking her close to him.

"Agreed, for old times sake." Nozomi said.

"Old times sake it is!" Taichi said, leading them to the line. The three long time friends hang out once again.

The end.

MSxM {O-s}↑-C- PV

Things went well for Maya. Her adoptive mother said she was proud of her no matter what when she visited Maya in the nurse's office. For what she knew, her mother wasn't planning on leaving her behind. But things went for another turn, especially when he arrived. When her mother left her to rest. A boy came inside the room.

"Maya Sakashiro?" He asked.

"Yes, that's me." She turned around to take the look at the person. To her surprise, he was a handsome engineer. Heart shapes are formed on her eyes, her heart started beating, but it was faster than the time he met Nozomi's boyfriend. Who she used to be in love with. This boy however, was far cuter than him, that was when she got over Nozomi's boyfriend.

"Are you all right?" He asked.

"Yes, is that why you came here for?" She asked.

"Not exactly. I just wanted to tell you...that you were great back there. Even though you lost, to me, you're still number one." The engineer said.

"Thank you." She said.

"I have to leave now, take care!" He said, walking to the door, but stopped when he was inches outside of the room.

"Also, I think you're beautiful!" He said with a blush before walking away.

It caused Maya to blush madly, that her face lit up red! For the first time in her life, she was called beautiful. She adored him so much now. Maya was now in love, with someone who loved her back. She finally has a chance with someone.
Nozomi Kaminashi x Male Reader {ExTrA 3 Final}
I do not own Keijo in any way!

Final chapter of ExTrA series.

Sorry this took long.

SMxM {O-s} -VDv-

During Valentine's Day when it took place over the weekend, Sayaka managed to book a trip to Kyoto. The place where she met the love of her life, (Y/n). He was in the cafe, waiting for his lovely, quiet, white-haired lover. Feeling nervous which made his foot tap, repeatedly on the ground, even though it wasn't the first time they went on a date. Sayaka would always describe him as the nervous type. One of the traits that she found cute of him, just like how she always was with normal guys at school.

She opened the door of the cafe, causing the bell on top of the door to ring.

"Welcome!" A lady behind the cash register said while giving her a happy smile.

Sayaka returned the smile, moving forward to the lady to check if her boyfriend made the reservation for (Y/n) and herself.

"I'm here to see someone." Sayaka informed the lady.

"Reservation? Sure, what's his first and last name?" She asked.

"(Y/n) (L/n)." Sayaka said.

The lady checks through the list and faces back to her.

"There's no one with that name." She said.

"What?" Sayaka said with a worried expression.

"Just kidding! (Y/n) is in the list, you may enter." She said, leading the Sayaka to the dining area.

Phew! Now that's a relief. For a second there, I was going to criticize (Y/n). Sayaka thought.

As the two walked around the dining area, it was at a later point that they found him.

"Sayaka!" (Y/n) said.

"Is this him?" The lady said.

"It sure is." Said the smiling Sayaka, looking straight into (Y/n)'s (E/c) eyes.

"Then I'll leave at that then, I'll send the waiter over here so he can serve you your drinks." The lady said before leaving the couple alone.

Moments after their reunion with each other, it was when it came to the topic of their first encounter.

"I know that it wasn't long ago, but I can't help but remember of the first time we met Sayaka." (Y/n) said.

"You're still going on about that?"

"Of course, that was the first time I got my first girlfriend!" He said.

"How long has it been, to be exact?" She asked.

"Can't say how many days, almost a year. Our first anniversary is almost coming up, by two months."

"Seems like it'll be a while. With the way things are now, between you and I, I'm sure that the time will soon come." Sayaka said as she started grabbing the hand of her companion.

"If you say so." He said, holding her warm and pale hand.

It seems just like yesterday that we met. Sayaka thought, as she smiled at the view of her hand holding onto his.

Flashback... ↓

People along with Sayaka and Hanabi were looking out the window of the bus, filled with all of her classmates from the Setouchi Keijo academy. Hanabi was always the traveling type. As for Sayaka who was always interested in going to new places. The driver of the bus drove through one of the latest bridges in the Japan, the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge. Just by one look at the scene of the glimmering ocean caught the attention of people. Sayaka couldn't help but look, as well for Hanabi.

The next hour, they arrived at Kyoto. What they didn't know was that they were way too early. The hotel they were attending to didn't have their rooms ready, just three hours early! Because of this, the teachers allowed the students three hours of free time. Meaning that they were all able to roam and explore around the city. This made everyone excited.

At first Sayaka wanted to explore the city with her friends which were Nozomi, Kazane and Non. However, Hanabi suggested that they should all go to a cafe that she would always go to.

"Hanabi, why are you so excited about going to some cafe?" Nozomi asked.

"You'll see when we get there." She replied, causing Nozomi and the others to become suspicious.

"I guess we'll go then." Nozomi said.

Nozomi, Non, Kazane, and Rin followed Hanabi. It was then when Nozomi noticed that Sayaka wasn't walking with her.


"Huh?" Sayaka snapped out of her thoughts.

"You coming?" Asked Nozomi.

There was no other option anyways, maybe she would be able to explore the city after the cafe.

"Sure." Sayaka said bluntly, which made Nozomi suspicious again.

While they walked to the cafe, Hanabi started most of the conversations. With talking about Suruga's players or off topic things

Finally, they arrived at their destination. She insisted that the others would enter first, which gave more suspicions from Nozomi and the others. Hanabi shuts the door behind her and reveals the real reason why she wanted to go to the cafe.

"Please bare with me. The reason why I like this cafe was because there are a lot of hot guys here! I just had to bring you guys here!" Hanabi pressed her blushing face with here hands.

"B-B-But...I'm not good with guys." Kazane said in a crimson red face.

"Really? I assumed that the reason was because the food was good here?" Nozomi said.

"It is, but that's not the main reason though. With our rocking hot bodies, we can win a guy in no time!" Hanabi replied.

"I guess, but I don't think I'm ready for a relationship yet." Nozomi said.

"Don't be like that Nozomi! With the size of our chests, it's impossible for a guy to not fall in love!" Rin said.

"But aren't you the same size with Sayaka over there!" Non asked.

"Hey there, just because you have bigger boobs than us doesn't mean you can just make fun of us!" Rin said angrily.

"Be quiet, you're causing a scene! I'm sure Non didn't mean it that way!" Nozomi said.

Sayaka in the back looked at her chest and pressed it against her hands, and compared hers to her friends. She sighed and felt ashamed, although she doesn't need to have them big to win in Keijo.

"Is it true that to win a guy's heart, you have to have bigger breasts?" Sayaka said to herself, before she sighed.

If only I had them at least the normal size. I feel lonely when I'm like this, I want a boyfriend. One that treats me right, gives his full affection towards me, and lastly...loves me the way I am. Regardless of my chest size. Sayaka thought.

But before they ordered, Sayaka decided to first take a trip to the women's restroom.

"I'll be back." Sayaka said.

"Sure thing." Nozomi said.

She was about to enter the small hallway where the right side had the men's restroom, as for the women's restroom was just five feet away from the men's. Sayaka was close to entering, that was until there was a guy who came out of the men's restroom. It was then when both had encountered each other. She looked into the person's eyes, something strange occurred within her. This guy wasn't anything normal, he wasn't like any other guy. Her eyes widen as she drew her eyes down to his toes. Without her knowing, the guy Sayaka was looking at did the same. He observed Sayaka from head to toe, he felt the same emotion as Sayaka, both of the young hearts raced faster. As for the faces, they transitioned to a red tone. To put things in a few words, it was love at first sight. Which isn't always as successful when it came to knowing each other, and accepting one another's tastes.

Sayaka had no choice but to continue on, and do what she had originally came for. After business was done, she went outside and looked for the table her friends were sitting at.

"Wow, I got to admit, some of these guys are pretty cute!" Nozomi said with a sparkle in her eyes.

"I told you so! If only a guy fell in love with me at the spot! What about you Kazane?" Hanabi asked.

Everyone looked at Kazane, who was now burying her face in her jacket. Trying to avoid sight of any one the guys her age.

"Wow she really is bad with guys, isn't she?" Rin asked.

"Sure looks like it." Non commented.

"Sayaka!" Nozomi said.

"Hey." She replied.

"Found any guys?" Hanabi asked.

Sayaka tried avoiding the question, but couldn't stand but say the truth.

"" She whispered.

"You did!" Hanabi said, who surprised Sayaka that she actually heard.

"Kind of." Sayaka said.

"Did he check you out?" Hanabi asked.

She thought back of the moment he laid eyes upon her. After focusing at some of the details, he had in fact checked her.

"He did!" Sayaka said in surprise.

"You're so lucky!" Hanabi said.

Twenty minutes passed by, the food they ordered during that finally arrived at their table. Just like everyone in the restaurant, the food was delicious. The next request was what turned Sayaka's life upside down, in a good way.

"Sayaka, since you're at the edge of the seat of this table, can you please ask for some more napkins? Non is getting a little messy." Rin asked Sayaka, who then pointed at Non whose face was now covered in sauce.

"I am?" Non asked.

"Sure, I'll get some right now." Sayaka said.

"Thanks, you're the best!" Rin said.

Sayaka walked away from the table and made her way to one of the waiters in the restaurant. When the napkins were acquired, someone tapped her shoulder.

"Huh?" She turned around, just as she found a familiar face behind. Which belonged to the same guy she had encountered by the restrooms.

"Excuse me, do you have a minute? Can I talk to you for a bit." He said.

"I guess, what is it about?" Sayaka said.

"I know this is out of the blue but...I kind of like you." He said.

"Really now?" Sayaka said.

"Ah! I mean, I'm not saying that I want to go out or anything! I mean...I do but I know we've just met- I mean!" He stuttered

There was something about his nervous personality that she held fond of. It reminded her of something, reminded her much of herself. She was never good at conversations back in grade school and even junior high! It was something they had in common, even if they don't know each other's name.

"I would give you a chance." She blurted out.

"R-Really?" He said.

"But first tell me your age and full name!" She said.

"Of course! My name is (Y/n) (L/n), age 18! Nice to meet you!" He bowed to her.

"Im Sayaka Miyata, age 18. Nice to meet you. Even though I don't live in this city, I hope we can make the best of it." She bowed as well.

After introductions, they both looked back at each other. Even though they blushed, they smiled at one another. From there on, their relationship had started.

Flashback ends...↑

Before they knew it, the waiter finally came back to note down their order. Since they had already thought of their own order, they were ready. To start things off, the waiter asked them for their drinks, the second and last thing was to finally ask for their orders. When the waiter finished, he asked them to return the menus and said that he would return with the drinks. After a few minutes, he came back just like he said, and informed that the food was almost ready. Things were going well for their date.


When dinner was finished, the two decided to walk around the city of Kyoto. Sayaka was always curious when it came to landmarks of a city, like the history of the Kinkaku-ji Temple. (Y/n) adored his home city so much, that he studied the history of the city's landmarks. That was something that they both had in common, they were always willing to know the background of places. So he led her to the temple and told her all about the history of the temple along the walk.

"The building was originally a villa called the Kitayama-dai. It was purchased from the Saionji family, who were the original owners, by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. It was then after a few years when the Shogun died, that it was turned into a Zen temple by the desires of the Shogun's son." (Y/n) said, giving Sayaka the little lecture.

"So even from back from those times, the building still managed to stay intact?" Sayaka asked.

"No, during the Onin war, the buildings in the complex got burned down. But later in the years, the reconstruction took place which made the temple get better material!" (Y/n) said.

"History is kind of your thing, isn't it?"

"Not exactly, I'm only interested in famous landmarks. The good thing about this city are the traditional styled buildings."

Just now, Sayaka barely remembered that they were both holding hands the whole time, without letting go! Even though they were going out, it was still embarrassing for her, especially when doing it in public. It was almost time to go to, judging by how the started setting. Almost causing the world around them to turn into darkness.

"You have a place to stay at?" (Y/n) asked.

"Not yet, I'm sure I'll get a room at some motel."

"You can sleep at my place if you want."

"But I don't like it when you sleep at the floor! It's like you're getting punished!" Retorts Sayaka.

"No need to worry, you're a girl. A girl should always get their beauty sleep." He said.

"It's you're place so I should sleep at the floor."

"We'll talk about it when we arrive." He said.

Soon after a quick trip to the temple, they left and went to his place. The streets they walked was nothing but a few street lights shining on top of the roads and sidewalks. In a matter of minutes, they made it to his apartment building, where they walked up the stairs and went inside. With Sayaka's spare clothes in the back she brought along, she was able to change into her pajamas after she took a shower.

"After the shower, I have something to show you." (Y/n) said.

"If you say so." She said before taking a shower.

After the shower, she dried herself up, used the blow dryer to dry her hair, and puts on her pajamas. Before she could open the door, her boyfriend called her name.

"Sayaka, are you dressed?"

"Yes, why do you ask?" Sayaka asked.

"I want you to close your eyes first after you open up the door."

"I'll do that." She did as he commanded.

"Give me your hand, I'll lead you." He said.

(Y/n) grabs her soft and pale hand and leads her to the place. She walked slowly so she wouldn't fall on top of anything. In a few steps around the room, she felt the cold tiled floor. It felt familiar, because usually when it came to his apartment, the only tiled floor was the kitchen of the apartment.

"I want you to sit down on this chair." He said.

She nods to his command and sits.

"You may open your eyes now, Sayaka." He said.

She opened up her eyes, it was then that what had appeared in front of her, was a heart box filled with chocolates, roses, and a cake. However, it wasn't any ordinary cake, it was a valentines cake. It read:

Happy Valentines Day!

I love you beautiful!

It was at that point, that Sayaka looked down and started sobbing.

"Sayaka! Are you crying? I'm sorry of what I did! I didn't know it would hurt you!" (Y/n) said.

He approached to the crying Sayaka, but without expecting it, she suddenly turned to him and placed her hands on both side of his face. She tilted her head and leaned her face close to his. Both ending up having their first kiss. They're whole bodies felt very hot because of the ongoing kiss.

Her lips taste sweet, is this was a kiss tastes like? He thought.

I'm glad I found a guy like him! Sayaka thought.

Upon releasing, they rested their foreheads against each other's.

"Thank you for everything that you've done for me. I never thought that I would date such a generous guy as you. So please...don't leave me." She asked.

"Not a chance, I'll never leave you. After we graduate from our schools, let us reunite!" (Y/n) begged.

"I can't wait for the day, when it comes to that, I'll never leave your side!" She said before she shared another heart warming kiss with (Y/n).

After the meal of eating the cake with milk, they agreed that they would sleep in the same bed. Of course, (Y/n) promised to not do anything suspicious to Sayaka's body. That was planned to be done in the far future, after marriage to be specific.
Sayaka Miyata x Male reader One-shot
Happy Valentines Day!

I do not own Keijo in any way!

SMxM {O-s} -VDv-
NTxM {O-s}


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